MyBank notert på NOTC

Fredag, januar 27, 2017

MyBank ASA is registered on the NOTC-list as of 27 January 2017 with ticker code MYBANK. The company has issued 211,476,191 shares each with a par value NOK 0.10, all of which are registered in the VPS with ISIN code NO0010780885. Based on the last share issue closed on 21 November 2016, the market capitalization is NOK 266 460 001 (NOK 1.26 per share). The Company has entered into an agreement whereby it will be able to use the reporting system as from 27 January 2017.

MyBank is a newly established online retail bank which will offer consumer loans, refinancing loans and deposit accounts, as well as mortgage loans when providing attractive risk/reward. MyBank will utilize loan agents as sole sales channel, enabling an efficient and highly scalable distribution setup with a very low fixed cost base. The bank was granted a conditional commercial banking license in July 2016, completed a NOK 240 million equity issue in November 2016 and will commence operations during Q1 2017. Please see attached Company Presentation.